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Pan Islamic industries (Pvt) Limited (PIIL) is one of leading engineering company in Pakistan. Since 1979, PIIL has been dealing in telecommunication industry in general and in all types steel structure in particular with production capacity of 15000 tons annually and is fully capable of meeting with all types of steel engineering demands


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Company Profile

We take this opportunity to introduce Pan Islamic Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is a well established Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation and Services Oriented Company.

Pan Islamic Industries (Pvt) Ltd., which went into operation in 1979. There are about 300 employees in the company and passed through the ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System Certification) in June' 2004 and has been making every effort to provide high quality products and services. By establishing R & D team, improving quality control system and inspecting every production process strictly, we ensure the quality of products.

Pan Islamic Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is modern heavy engineering complex, one of the largest in private sector, and specialization in all kind of pipe line, storage tanks, pressure vessels, bauzers, heavy duty and light duty steel structure, all kinds of angular / tubular towers, pen sockets piping, elbows, bifurcations, expansion joints, bends and similar steel structures widely used in the fields like hydro power transmission lines and telecommunication towers etc.

News Updates

  • Currently PILL is in the process of manufacturing of 3 No. Main Stations for Orange Line Lahore for ZKB & Reliable JV
  • Working on Azizabad Gujranwala Flyover for NLC
  • Shuttering for Atomic Energy Commission
  • Working for DESCON in different up comming projects
  • Manufacturing Trnasformer Steel Bodies etc.
  • Transmission Line Tower for NTDC WAPDA